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As a beginner you’ll go through reeds pretty quickly and you won’t be able to distinguish between a good one and a bad one, which won’t matter anyway because you’ll be focusing on learning the notes.
So I recommend you start with a box of 10 strength 1.5, then move up to the strength 2 when your embouchure has developed sufficient power to manage them.
By this time you will be able to notice that not all reeds are created equal, even though they all look pretty much the same.
I give my reeds a rating out of 5, and write the number on the reed, so it’s easy to pick the best one to play with.
O, and it’s not usually possible to try out reeds in the shop before you pay for them.
As time goes by, you’ll wonder if there’s any point in paying $7 each for a famous brand reed when you can buy mine for $2.40 .
Maybe there is, but in my opinion not to start with.
Hope this helps.