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Specifications for Colored Flutes


  •     16 or 17 holes,as ordered – C or B  footjoint
  •     Cupro-nickel headjoint, body and foot joint
  •     silver-plated or gold lacquer keys
  •     split E mechanism
  •     closed or Open tone holes as ordered
  •     Offset G key
  •     Engraved with Masterpiece logo on the barrel
  •     Rear adjustment screws with washers beneath.

Technical Issues    Adjustment screws to be at rear of flute, especially for F key. Usually the adjusting screw for the F key is made inaccessible by the B flat lever – refer to image F adjustment screw – wrong.jpg.  We must avoid this.


Rear adjustment screws with washers beneath.




All instruments to be engraved with this log as shown.

Masterpiece instruments logo outlineClick to download



 position for engraving




Pink means hot pink, as above, not barbie pink.

Gold color means yellow gold, as above, not rose gold.




All flutes supplied in Cases like this:


flute case


Handle must be attached to case with metal, not rubber. Do not supply any other case.



Cleaning rod

Adjustment screwdriver

Microfibre cleaning cloth



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