"Teaching the Recorder Could be Great Fun ...
But the Kids Keep Blowing Irritating Squeals through their Instruments,
Using them as Weapons, or

Forgetting to Bring them to Class..
and No-One Takes Me Seriously!"


Not to mention students refusing to put their hands in the correct woodwind playing position, with the left hand at the top. And taking the recorder apart so they make silly noises by blowing through the pieces...

Maybe you´re being required to teach recorder when you either haven´t played one in 30 years, have never taught it, or you´ve never even picked one up.

It doesn´t help when your colleagues and friends don´t treat the recorder as a proper instrument...

Or, when you are shunted from one room to another because another activity is deemed to be more important than your carefully planned and set up music lesson...

Or when the children are all talking at once, sneering at each other, using recorders as weapons, and generally being disruptive.

How You Can Overcome The
Teaching Recorder Learning-Curve!

Yes, the recorder classroom can be treacherous at first. It punishes the unsavvy teachers and rewards smart ones. So I wrote a 5-day email course to help you get control of your lessons fast.

Here are Some of the Things You'll Discover:

How to Prepare for Your Lessons − so that no matter what happens, you have the resources at hand to deal with it;
How to Let Go of Educational Expectations − and still train students who delight their parents and peers at the school concert;
How to be Selective about Which Students You Teach − whilst maintaining a full book of enrolments;
How to Get Control of a Class without Seeming Like an Ogre − Every classroom needs order and discipline, and rules to follow. If you can make those rules for your recorder lessons seem like a game, your children will readily comply with them;
Why Note Names Inside the Note-Heads are so Important − Even if you´re dead against "kid-notes," or shortcuts to reading conventional notation, at least hear me out as I recount how much more smoothly my lessons flow.

My FREE 5-Day Course Gives
You The Skinny On
Teaching Recorder, via E-mail....

By the way - most "e-courses" are thinly disguised sales pitches with useless information. But I refuse to put out that kind of junk. This is quality content that will move your teaching forward.

Get "5 Days to Success at Teaching the Recorder"
via Email Plus
"free Teacher's Edition copy of Let's Play Recorder"

The 5-day course gets you started today, and I solemnly pledge. NEVER to spam you or share your email address with anyone.


Andrew Scott

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