Sheet Music for the Flute


for Flute and Guitar or Keyboard

composed by J. B.Loelliet


This is a slow, moving piece of music for the flute composed a few hundred years ago, in the Baroque Era 1685 -1750).

I first heard it performed by the great Australian jazz musician Don Burrows, accompanied by George Golla on electric guitar.

Jean-Baptiste Loeillet of London (November 18, 1680 – July 19, 1730), composed music
for and performed on the recorder, flute, oboe, and harpsichord.

So did another Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, of the same era, this one from Gant.

I have been unable to establish which of them composed this beautiful piece, so I
mention them both. 

Adagio - Flute sheet Music
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What you get:

Adagio - Flute sheet Music
1. Sheet Music arrangement of this piece for the Flute – 56
2. Sheet Music arrangement of this piece for Piano &
Adagio - Flute sheet Music
3. Chord chart arrangement of this piece for Guitar.


4. Backing track with piano accompaniment;
guitar-backing-track-button.png5. Backing track with Guitar accompaniment;
6. Backing track with Latin band accompaniment.
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