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I’ve been arranging sheet music for flute, clarinet, recorder, saxophone, trumpet and a few other instruments since 1982.

I’ve learned a thing or two about what’s easy to play and what’s not.

My arrangements are designed to give you maximum fulfillment with minimum technique – in other words I make the tune as easy as possible.

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Learn How To Play


Your Child Will LOVE Learning the Recorder With Ben the Bee, Ann the Ant & George the Giraffe.


You Can Learn to Play the Flute Today!

Jazz Saxophone

Learn the Art of Playing Great Jazz Saxophone Solos - Everytime


If You are Learning to Play the Saxophone, then You have Come to the Right Place.


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My job is to act as your buyer’s agent. I scanned, scoured and scrutinised the musical marketplace, and found the best available instruments that I can obtain for you.