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Your Child Will LOVE Learning the Recorder With Ben the Bee, Ann the Ant & George the Giraffe.





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My name is Andrew Scott.
I’m a music teacher who specializes in teaching beginners.
I am passionate about making learning the recorder fun. When I wrote Let’s Play Recorder, I drew on almost 30 years experience teaching wind instruments. I incorporated everything those years have taught me about children and learning. Now, I want to make it really easy for you to get your child started playing their first musical instrument. I’m pleased to offer you:
A Free 5-Day Recorder Course.

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I’m confident that your child will enjoy learning the recorder using my method, and that you will want to purchase this beautifully illustrated eBook and audio package before you have finished the free lessons.
Here is why I am confident that your child will love learning the recorder using Let’s Play Recorder.
Have you ever known a 5 to 11 year old that didn’t absolutely love cartoons? Deep down, would you have to admit you still enjoy them, too? Now, imagine a series of lessons that takes vivid cartoon illustrations to teach your child how to master playing simple pieces and reading music at the same time. That is what Let’s Play Recorder offers. Colorful characters come alive for children, becoming their friends and transporting them from the page into an exciting fantasy world of adventure and play. In such a stimulating, happy environment kids experience learning as a joyful, fun activity. They want to re-enter that world over and over.
Day 1
Let’s Play Recorder Turns The Mystery Of Music Into Fun!

  • The first mystery—how to hold the recorder and which end to put in your mouth—is easy to solve.
  • Ben the Bee makes quick work of putting your fingers in the right spot to puff out your first B note.
  • Ben starts demystifying musical terms and the symbols connected with those terms—things like notes, rests and clefs.
  • Then Ben leads you with catchy lyrics in playing three songs using the note B. The MP3s that come with the eBook, add to the fun.
You’ll get this first half of Chapter 1 from Let’s Play Recorder as your 1st free lesson.
Day 2
The rest of the chapter, which makes up the 2nd free lesson, strengthens your skills with an additional 3 songs. You’ll learn more musical symbols, too.
What makes this system so great?
You can learn at your own pace. No classroom can compare.
Far too often learning is measured by the speed at which your child progresses, instead of by how well your child has learned a skill. I’ve worked with talented children who don’t learn quickly, but they learn very well when they can move at their own pace.
Day 3
Ann The Ant Shows Your Child That She Can Do It!
  • The first half of Chapter 2 makes the 3rd free lesson.
  • Ann the Ant says you can add a new note today. You can play the note A.
  • Ann also leads you through some new rhythms with two new songs.
  • Ann knows that every time you look at the notes in the staff, and play along with the MP3s you are learning to read music at the same time. That’s rad, cool, and all that stuff. You didn’t realize it could be that easy did you?
Day 4
The 2nd half of Chapter 2 makes up the 4th free lesson.

You learn three more songs. Creepy Crawl is a big hit with my class of 6-year olds at the Aldgate Montessori School.

Day 5
Laugh And Have Fun With George The Giraffe!
  • George likes the note G, so he’s going to teach you to finger his favorite note.
  • He thinks that you will enjoy the lyrics to George the Giraffe and Fingers for G.
  • George has more to share, but Mr. Scott says that the free lessons stop here. You have taken advantage of that offer haven’t you? Click here if you haven’t! (bookmark to sign-up box)
So What Makes Let’s Play Recorder Worth Buying?
Here are just some of the features that make Let’s Play Recorder one of the recorder learning systems you could choose: