Where are Ben the Bee, Ann the Ant
and George the Giraffe?

They moved to Let’s Play Recorder, Book 2
Along with their friends Coco the Cat, and Dan the Dog.

Join them as they meet new characters like Finn the Fish, Ellen the Elephant and Dora the Dolphin.

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Three New Notes Three New Characters
The Fish
The Elephant
The dolphin
43 New Songs

The fun of learning music continues with this second volume of Let’s Play Recorder.

Book 2 combines easy exercises and songs which contain familiar notes and techniques, and more challenging material which requires the student to understand all of the previously presented information.

The benefit of this approach is twofold:

Firstly, those students who wish to be stimulated by new and exciting information, but nevertheless find it difficult to retain all the facts they have been shown so far, will still be able to participate in the lesson if the class plays a new, but simple song.

Secondly, those students who are able to thoroughly learn all that is laid before them will retain their interest in learning as they try their hands at pieces that require them to recall features from previous lessons.

This mix of easy and difficult allows progress at an optimum rate, without sacrificing the charm of novelty.

To assist students to recall vital elements of theory and technique, the book contains a chart which summarizes various note, rest and symbol meanings.

Above all, the method continues to be fun and enjoyable. Children will play as they learn, and learn as they play.

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