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44 Page Method with 97 Play-Along Audio Tracks

The Second Flute Method continues where the First Flute Method left off.

There are more pieces from the world’s finest composers, enjoyable exercises and theory.

The journey continues upwards, into the middle register of the flute, collecting on the way new rhythms, scales and arpeggios.

You’ll play simple arrangements from the works of such composers as :

  • J. S. Bach
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Wolfgang Mozart
  • Peter Tschaikovsky
  • and many more.

Audio Tracks

The audio tracks feature accompaniments in many different styles, ranging from mambo to Memphis.

Tempos are slow (60 – 80 beats per minute), but lively, so you’ll find it easy to keep up and still be able to tap your foot.

Listen to one of the pieces from Lesson 4:

Download this Listen to Greensleeves


Play with a Friend

Two flutes sound better than one. This volume contains 12 duets for you and a friend to play together. There are chord symbols for every song and exercise, so a guitarist or keyboard player can play along with you.

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Ample Material

Containing nearly 100 exercises, songs, and pieces, The Second Flute Method is the obvious next step to learning the flute.

Option A: Standard Digital Edition
The Second Flute Method, Immediate download in PDF form; $20
97 MP3 Audio Backing Tracks $10
Total Value $30
Discounted Sale Price $20


Option B: Gold Digital Edition – Both Flute Methods
The First Flute Method & The Second Flute Method, Immediate download in PDF form
First_Flute_Method_cover_3D.jpg + Second-Flute-Method-cover-3D.jpg $40
267 MP3 Audio Backing Tracks
Total Value $80
Discounted Sale Price $40

Plus! You get a money back guarantee.

All I ask is that you give the program an honest 30-day trial.

If you haven’t made satisfactory progress at the end of that time, simply email me, and I’ll refund your money in full.

I’m confident that you’ll find my Flute Method worth every penny.

I look forward to sharing my work with you.

Andrew Scott

P.S. The ability to play a musical instrument is a fantastic achievement, and it’s right within your child’s grasp.

What better gift can you give your child or yourself?