The best way to attract more students to your lessons is to make a visit to a classroom. With minimal preparation, meaning contacting the classroom teacher and obtaining their permission to make a presentation to the class, you can show up with your flute and play a few pieces that you think the kids will like. After your performance you can invite the class to ask you questions.

The usual questions I get range from:


“Is it hard to play the flute?”to“When did you start learning?”and“Can you play Harry Potter?”

After you have satisfied their curiosity, you ask who would like to learn, then distribute your flyer to the upraised hands.

About half of the children who take flyers will have forgotten about your visit by lunchtime, and of the remaining half who remember to take your flyer home, the cost of tuition will be prohibitive. But those few who do sign up will provide you with very adequate bread and butter for months, and sometimes years to come.

If you don’t have time to perform on your instrument for every class in the school, a simple visit and brief introduction will usually evoke a similar amount of interest to a mini concert.


If you would like to see the flyer that I use, you can download it from here:

Click to Download Music Lessons Flyer for Teachers

It’s an editable MS Word DOC file, so you can substitute your own details for mine.Happy fluting!Andrew