New Red and Silver Trumpet in Case Suitable for both Professionals and Students from Age 7

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This beautiful, brand new red and silver trumpet is a full-size, adult instrument. It’s suitable for professional use as well as for students from the age of 7 years. Children can’t grow out of it because it is full-size.

Why Every Player will Love this Trumpet
  • Masterpiece brand trumpet, Entertainer Model – bright, shiny and brand new.
  • Sturdy case with carry handle included.
  • Suitable for all players, including professionals and students from the age of 7 & over. Welcome in school bands.
  • All the features of the Yamaha YTR 2330 at less than half the price.
  • No hard-to-reach packing materials that need to be removed.
  • No finicky adjustments to make before the trumpet is playable.
  • The trumpet looks so beautiful, it will make your friends envious when they see you with it!
  • Simply assemble and play.
How I Make it Easy for You
  • Buy from an expert- I have been a music teacher since 1980, and have written more than 60 books on how to play musical instruments.
  • Full 12 months repair or replace warranty.
  • 30 days, 100% money back guarantee, gives you time to test the instrument.
  • Quick delivery by Australia Post.
  • 7 payment options.
  • Lay-by-available.

Suitable for School Bands

Masterpiece trumpets are a welcome addition to school bands, because they are easy to play in tune and attract more children to learning music.

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Similar to the Yamaha YTR 2330, but Less than Half the Price

This trumpet has the same number of keys as the Yamaha, and other famous brands. It sounds pretty much the same, and its weight is nearly identical to the Yamaha.

I’m a trumpet teacher and I hire and sell my Masterpiece brand trumpets to my students. Occasionally, I need to clean out a cylinder where a valve has become sticky or sluggish, but I need to do this on the Yamaha trumpets I use as well. 99% of the time sticky valves are caused by the build up of gunge inside the cylinder. No matter which brand of trumpet you play, part of the job is to clean the cylinders regularly (once a week is fine) so that the build up does not occur.

Moreover, there won’t be any WOW! factor with a Yamaha or another big name because they do not make colored trumpets. Furthermore, their student model 2330 costs $679 – more than twice as much as my Masterpiece brand. You can even find cheaper colored trumpets than the ones I sell, but I cannot recommend them because I have no control over or faith in the quality.

When I first started offering colored trumpets I bought them from several different suppliers. Some suppliers sent me trumpets that were so badly made they were unplayable. I don’t buy from those factories anymore. Some of my competitors must be buying from them because those factories are still in business. Now that I have found a reliable supplier I still check every trumpet to make sure it is playable. Every Masterpiece trumpet is working perfectly when it leaves me.

The warranty I offer says that for 12 months, if you have any problem with the trumpet you can return it to me and I will fix it free of charge, or replace it if it’s unfixable. In 2013, St Peter’s Girls School in Adelaide hired a batch of Masterpiece trumpets for two terms and did not report any problems.


The body of this trumpet is made from genuine brass – an alloy of copper and bronze, then painted red. The keys are coated with silver plate. The mouthpiece is silver plated.


Brand Masterpiece
Model Entertainer
Brand New
Full Size Instrument
Suitable for School Band
Silver-Plated Keys
High F# Key
Adjustable Thumbhook
Transposition Bb (B Flat)
Neckstrap with Safety Clip Covered
Carry Case Ballistic Nylon
Cleaning Cloth Included
Valve Oil Included
Valve Oil Included
Cleaning Rod Included

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NO Extras to Buy

Without regular lubrication and cleaning every trumpet will seize up sooner or later and become unplayable. This trumpet comes complete with an essential maintenance kit that allows you to keep your trumpet in top condition.

Why buy musical instruments from me?

I know a good trumpet when I see one. Since 1980, I have been a professional musician, teacher and author. I have taught hundreds of students i n thousands of lessons. I have written more than 60 books on how to play musical instruments that have collectively sold more than one million copies worldwide.. Masterpiece instruments are the same instruments that I recommend to my students. I sit beside them and listen to them play all day long.

Choose your Shipping – Australia

A variety of shipping options are available, depending on how quickly you want your new instrument. Each option includes I send by next-day-delivery overnight express post, or registered post. Any loss or damage during shipping is borne by me. I ship via Australia Post, one of the most reliable postal services i n the world. My warehouse is located in the Adelaide Hills. All postage options include tracking

International shipping

This item ships via Australia Post Air Mail and is covered for replacement if the item is damaged during shipment. Optional loss insurance is available.

6 Ways to Pay

You can pay by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, cheques, cash and money orders. I usually send orders on the same day that I receive payment.

Lay By Available

Don’t have the funds right now? If you can send me a 10% deposit I will hold the instrument for you until you are able to pay it off.

The Masterpiece Brand

This brand has been developed to provide great value instruments for entry level players who are in the early stages of learning. You can reasonably expect several years of trouble-free playing from a Masterpiece instrument.

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Two Fold Guarantee – Our guarantee to you is this

Part 1:

For 30 days, you will be able to thoroughly test the flute, show it to your teacher and get their opinion. If, at the end of that time, you are not convinced that this instrument represents great value for the price you paid, or for any other reason, simply contact us and tell us you are returning it. We will promptly and courteously refund your purchase price.

Part 2:

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your flute we will repair or replace it for 12 months from the date of your receiving the flute.

Click here for full details of the guarantee.

This is an absolutely risk-free deal for you. Please check out my positive feedback on Ebay. I am in this business for the long term, and satisfied customers are the goal I aim for.