The Sweetness of Innocent Gratitude  


How to Make a Sound on the Flute How to play the first note on your flute. Begin with the head joint alone, even though you want to start making music immediately! Hold the head joint with both hands. Place the wide side of the lip plate against your bottom lip. Cover about a quarter […]

Jingle Bells for the Flute

When Christmas approaches, flute teachers often have the opportunity to combine their students into an ensemble that will perform at a school concert.The ideal repertoire for this occasion contains Christmas carols, and my students are usually very eager to participate.Because they are so motivated at this time, they will often practise much more enthusiastically in […]

The Music Teacher’s Checklist

It can be very frustrating to be halfway into a lesson and discover that a vital piece of equipment is missing, preventing you from moving smoothly through your plan. For example, you have positioned your CD player neatly on a table, where it will be audible to all your students, and conveniently within reach of […]

The Sweetness of Innocent Gratitude

Music Teachers’ Insurance

If you teach music in Australia, this is for you.It’s an unavoidable prerequisite of our profession that we music teachers must insure ourselves against legal claims arising from the conduct of our lessons.I was recently advised by my insurer that my premium for the next 12 months was going to be $390, for standard cover.