How to Generate More Attention to your School’s Music Program


    Ever feel that your efforts at school don’t get the interest or attention that they deserve?

    Or that your music program is relegated to a minor place behind “important” subjects like maths, science or English?

    One way to fix this is to take advantage of the embedded patriotism that seems to be practised at most Australian schools, particularly primary schools.  I’m referring specifically to the tradition of the whole school singing our national anthem at weekly assemblies.

    If your instrumental students can be involved with this performance, it will enhance the profile of the music curriculum at your school, as well as providing an opportunity for your students to perform publicly.

    Additionally, a regular group performance provides valuable ensemble experience for music students that they might not otherwise have the chance to get.

    The result of this regular display of children playing instruments will be more kids inquiring about learning and greater respect from other staff members and the school community towards the art of playing live music.


Backing Track

    Most schools use a recording of our anthem as a guide for the school to sing along with.  There are several popular versions in use, so I have provided notation in several keys.  There’s bound to be a download that matches the recording your school uses.  If not, email me and I will upload one.

Beginning Students – Harmony 1 Part

     For children who are just beginning on their instruments, or for those whose enthusiasm to perform exceeds their ability to entertain, there are harmony parts that use only five notes.  This simple target provides both a readily achievable goal for novices as well as a harmonic contribution to the overall sound.

Intermediate Students – Melody Part

    For children who have enough ability to play the melody, the main part will be appropriate, as it contains the melody, which is easy to recognise and play.

Advanced Students – Harmony 1 Part

    Those students who enjoy a challenge are offered a more complex harmony part, which may contain accidentals and notes beyond the range of the melody.

Advance Australia Fair

Free Sheet Music for the Flute Advance Australia Fair

arranged by Andrew Scott

The piece I am performing for you today is called Advance Australia Fair, composed by Peter McCormick in about 1878. It’s the national anthem of Australia, so I’m playing an appropriately colored green and gold flute. If you would like to download the sheet music for this piece, you’ll find the download link below. I have provided it in 3 keys, so there is sure to be one that fits your range. This performance is in G.

Advance-Australia-Fair -Flute sheet Music

Click on the button below to download free sheet music for the flute –  Advance Australia Fair.

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