Saxophone – Jazz

Learn the Art of Playing Great Jazz Saxophone Solos – Every Time Sign up for my 5 Free Jazz Saxophone Lessons via Email Each day for 5 days, I will send you a page or two from “The First Jazz Saxophone Method” *Name *Email   How Good Could It Be? You’re in the zone. In […]

The Art of Saxophone

Whether you want to play a catchy tune, entertain yourself, play music with your family and friends, educate your child, express your deepest passion, or pour out your blues – learning the saxophone can be easy and fun! If You’re Learning to Play the Saxophone, then You’ve Come to the Right Place. My name is […]

Let’s Play Recorder – Book 2

Where are Ben the Bee, Ann the Ant and George the Giraffe? They moved to Let’s Play Recorder, Book 2 Along with their friends Coco the Cat, and Dan the Dog. Join them as they meet new characters like Finn the Fish, Ellen the Elephant and Dora the Dolphin. To preview the first few pages, […]

Let’s Play Recorder

Your Child Will LOVE Learning the Recorder With Ben the Bee, Ann the Ant & George the Giraffe.       Learn to Play Recorder Book 2   15 Children’s Songs for Recorder   Fingerings for the Recorder   Free Recorder Sheet Music   What Ebay customers think of my publications.   My name is […]

Recorder Fingerings

Learn How to Play Any Note on the Recorder There are around 21 notes on the recorder. How many do you know? G sharp? What about a D Flat? This ebook contains fingerings for all the notes on the recorder from Low C to High A. Set out clearly, with 3D-like illustrations, each page contains […]

The Second Flute Method

Finished The First Flute Method? Now You’re Ready for the Second!     Sample The First Few Pages of “The Second Flute Method” via Email *Name *Email   This free sample shows you what’s in the book, and I solemnly pledge NEVER to spam you or share your email address with anyone. 44 Page Method […]

The First Flute Method

Flute Lessons Too Expensive? Teachers Too Far Away? Can’t Find a Teacher You Like? Too Shy to Take Lessons? Time Can Change All these Things… Meanwhile, You Can Learn to Play the Flute Today! Sign Up for 5 Free Flute Lessons via Email. Each day for 5 days, I will send you a page or […]

Let’s Play Flute

Kids Will LOVE Learning the Flute With Ben the Bee, Ann the Ant & George the Giraffe. My name is Andrew Scott. I’m a music teacher who specializes in teaching beginners I am passionate about making learning the flute fun. When I wrote Let’s Play Flute, I drew on almost 30 years experience teaching wind […]