15 Children’s Songs for Violin

15 Children’s Songs for Piano

The First Flute Method – Arigato

Flute Lessons Too Expensive? Teachers Too Far Away? Can’t Find a Teacher You Like? Too Shy to Take Lessons? Time Can Change All these Things… Meanwhile, You Can Learn to Play the Flute Today! Sign Up 5 Free Flute Lessons via Email. Each day for 5 days, I will send you a page or two […]


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How Reliable are Colored Flutes?

Colored Flutes How Reliable are They? I often used to receive inquiries like this from visitors to my site:           “My daughter would love a coloured flute for school band but all the report I have seen say the are junk and will break easy.             […]

Knock Knock

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How to Make a Sound on the Flute

How to play the first note on your flute. Begin with the headjoint alone, even though you want to start making music immediately!Hold the headjoint with both hands. Place the wide side of the lip plate against your bottom lip. Cover about a quarter of the tone hole with your lower lip.